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One Trading Launches the Fastest Ever Crypto Trading Venue

The F.A.S.T upgrade is complete, zero trading fees available for all customers.

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We are proud to announce the launch of our ground-breaking trading venue, setting a new standard for speed, efficiency, and reliability in the digital asset trading landscape.

Next-Generation Technology and Quant Capabilities:

One Trading has harnessed cutting-edge technology and engineering capabilities from traditional finance to build the fastest-ever digital asset trading venue. The platform, named F.A.S.T, represents a quantum leap in trading technology.

The upgrade makes One Trading the fastest crypto-asset trading venue worldwide for a roundtrip - Over 1500x faster than our previous exchange and over 100x faster than other large crypto-trading venues. 

Unprecedented Low-Latency Performance:

One Trading's matching and risk engine operates at an astonishing sub-1 microsecond (μs). This super-low latency provides customers with an unparalleled advantage in price discovery and execution against other leading venues currently trading digital assets. 

Real-World Speed Comparison:

To put this into perspective, customers on One Trading can perform over 200 round trips of price discovery, order creation, and cancellation before a customer can place a single order on some of the largest competitor exchanges. Making One Trading’s platform significantly faster than other leading exchanges. 

Independently Verified by Amazon Web Services (AWS):

For comparison: According to recent official AWS test results, One Trading's F.A.S.T achieved sub 74 microseconds for a roundtrip, and even at very high volumes, the round trip (create and cancel) reached 112 microseconds (400k orders per second) on p95 latencies through next-generation AWS network topologies.

One Trading’s game-changing technology provides an average end-to-end trading of just 112 microseconds, quicker even than the 126 microseconds achieved on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) Group’s Turquoise, a leading Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) (LSE, 2022). Further still, One Trading’s risk and matching engine, which operates below 1 microsecond (μs), is 1000x faster than CME’s Global Matching Engine, which operates 1-3 milliseconds (ms) (Lambert, 2023). 

The matching engine's unprecedented 1μs latency remained consistent even during a 24-hour stress test, processing 34 billion orders without any performance degradation.

Free Trading for All Pairs:

To celebrate the platform's launch, we are offering free trading on all digital asset pairs for customers on the Exchange. This initiative is designed to empower all investors, big and small, to experience the advantage of F.A.S.T first-hand and to showcase the capabilities being unleashed.

Best of Traditional Finance and Crypto Markets:

We are committed to bridging the gap between traditional finance and digital asset markets. In pursuit of excellence, One Trading has initiated a regulatory-first approach, filing for a MiFID II Trading Venue License in the EU to build out a suite of derivatives and structured products to compete with the likes of the London Stock Exchange and the CME.

One Trading takes another step in preparing the launch of its derivatives trading venue

Future Plans:

With regulatory advancements, we plan to list both digital assets and traditional financial instruments, introducing a range of derivatives and structured products with a unique digital asset perspective.

One Trading CEO Josh Barraclough expressed excitement, "Our team has worked relentlessly to create a trading venue that redefines speed and efficiency. With F.A.S.T, we aim to empower our customers with unparalleled advantages in the competitive world of crypto trading."

One Trading is determined to bring the best of Traditional Finance and Crypto Markets together. We have engineered the fastest and most reliable trading venue in the world, which is capable of arbitraging all other venues and providing the best execution path for all customers. We have also pursued a unique regulatory strategy, building a full-scale trading venue instead of the typical broker-only licenses sought out by competitors.

About One Trading

One Trading is at the forefront of merging Traditional Financial and Digital Asset Markets. With the launch of F.A.S.T, the fastest-ever digital asset trading venue, One Trading is setting new benchmarks for speed, efficiency, and reliability in the digital asset trading landscape.

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