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One Trading's Newest Product, Instant Trade

We have exciting news! Our new product, Instant Trade, is now live!

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Dear One Traders,

We have exciting news! Our new product, Instant Trade, is now live!


  • Comprehensive - Trade 100+ pairs between crypto-assets and fiat seamlessly  
  • Trade in size - trade up to €10M in one click
  • 0% commission - no commission charged on the price quoted
  • Safe - Regulated in the EU, we uphold high regulatory standards 
  • Regulated - when the rules change we adapt. We are leading the way in the regulatory and compliance area
  • Convenient - trade anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile 

What is Instant Trade?

Instant Trade is a product that will enable you to instantly trade 100+ pairs of assets (fiat and crypto), at the click of a button!

We have expanded the number of digital assets that can be traded with the most popular crypto-assets and pairs available, as well as many more alternative popular altcoins. Crypto-assets that will be offered include ALGO, ARB, FIL, FTM, HBAR, MATIC, NEAR, PEPE, QNT, XLM. You can see the full list when accessing Instant Trade within the One Trading portal. 

Below is an example quote on the Instant Trade interface:

What makes Instant Trade unique?

We look at the best pricing on our venue and other major liquidity providers to ensure our customers get the lowest transaction fees in large sizes. They will be able to trade 100s of assets instantly. 

Who can use it? 

Anyone can use it! You simply have to set up an account with One Trading, add fiat (or, send crypto to your relevant wallet). Once you have sent some fiat or crypto currency to your Instant Trade wallet you can utilise Instant Trade wherever, whenever you like!

Any other interesting info or technical specifications?

You can trade €10 million in the click of a button, which is more than any other electronic OTC desk we have found, to date!

If customers have more exotic trades or coins that they cannot see listed then can reach out and our High Touch OTC desk can help them.


Where is my crypto stored?

Every customer has their own wallet address for depositing and withdrawing, but we sweep everything into warm and cold wallets, otherwise customers would need to pay gas fees every time they make a trade. We utilise customer asset-only wallets: Customers assets are segregated from the exchange’s own funds. 

Are there any limitations?

We are always open to feedback and want to continue to evolve our Instant Trade venue so feel free to relay your feedback via our Discord

  • Coins: While we have 100+ pairs of crypto-assets and fiat pairs already listed, we will endeavour to increase the amount of coins listed as and where we see demand from our customers.
  • Is there a maximum Volume? The maximum amount of volume depends on us hitting our credit limits with our counterparts, but we can usually settle them intraday so in theory no there is no maximum amount. If any of our institutional clients or VIP retail users are looking to utilise Instant Trade for larger volumes we can schedule a call with our sales team.. 
  • What are the trading limitations? You can trade up to €10 million on BTC from USDT or EUR. On less liquid coins the amount will change as the partners will adjust the amount they will quote against. Our customers can however always break the trades down into smaller sizes.  

Do any competitors have a similar feature? If so, how is this better or different? 

Our solution is unique and gives our customers direct access to the institutional grade panel of liquidity providers who price the orders on Instant Trade. Our customers can therefore trade a lot more size and at better fees than they would get on other platforms. 

When will Instant Trade be available?

Instant trade is available instantly ;) All you have to do is set up a crypto trading account and get trading:

Which coins will be available on Instant Trade?

We will be launching with the following coins and regularly adding more markets as we scale:


There will be 100+ pairs at launch, and these crypto-assets are available to be traded against stablecoin and fiat pairs - you can see our markets on this link here

What if you have more questions? 

If you have more questions, we recommend that you keep an eye on our social media channels as we will be releasing explainer and educational videos specifically about Instant Trade. 

It’s also worth noting to those who aren’t customers of One Trading that they can check our prices on the website without needing to login at any time.

We look forward to hearing feedback and hope those who use Instant Trade enjoy it.

For more updates, follow us on all our channels via Linktree:

Team One Trading