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Newsletter 22 March 2024

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Published in: One Trading · 5 min read
Newsletter: One Trading

We’re pleased to announce several updates that have been made to the One Trading platform:

Speed Bug Squashed  

We’ve addressed and resolved a bug that was causing speed issues for updating orders on the UI. If you have an order that seems to be stuck open, please get in touch, and we can resolve that for you. 

More markets available 

New markets are available on F.A.S.T.: 


Enhanced REST order flow

We’ve improved our REST order flow. It now operates faster and seamlessly integrates with the WebSocket flow, and it can handle higher volumes.


Withdrawal fee changes 

In response to increased network activity leading to a rise in withdrawal fees, we’ve lowered our withdrawal fees to match current network rates. F.A.S.T. also continues to offer zero fees. 


Coming very soon: 

There are more things in the pipeline that you can expect very soon; keep an eye on our social media channels and email to be the first to know when they are available. 

Exports functionality

Soon, you’ll be able to extract all your trading data, including F.A.S.T., legacy, and Instant Trade.

Portfolio tracking 

We’re introducing a new UI feature that will allow you to monitor and manage the performance of your assets at One Trading. You’ll be able to see how your assets are performing over time and easily see your portfolio. 

Make sure your voice is heard 

Feedback from our users is invaluable, and we take all feedback very seriously. To make sure your voice is heard, you can sign up to join our panel for market research or get involved with our Discord community