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Crypto Price Comparison: One Trading's Instant Trade

A price comparison analysis of leading trading platforms against Instant Trade.

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Published in: One Trading · 5 min read
Instant Trade price comparison

Prices correct at time of publishing: 09/21/2023


This article is a price comparison analysis of leading trading platforms. One Trading strives to offer customers the best price on top traded crypto-asset pairs. We feel it is highly important to provide the best product and services possible across the board and in addition to setting the bar as high as we can in all areas, we also want to ensure our clients are getting the best rates and prices possible, to help facilitate this, we have recently released Instant Trade

Instant Trade:

​​Summary of Instant Trade:

  • Comprehensive - Trade 100+ pairs between crypto-assets and fiat seamlessly  
  • Trade in size - trade up to €10M in one click
  • 0% commission - no commission charged on the price quoted
  • Safe - Regulated in the EU, we uphold high regulatory standards 
  • Regulated - when the rules change we adapt. We are leading the way in the regulatory and compliance area
  • Convenient - trade anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile 

You can read a more comprehensive overview about Instant Trade on our blog here

Trading Analysis - How much bang for your buck? 

Below is a summary pricing* across a handful of similar crypto-fiat swap products on leading platforms. The values shows the purchase price of the assets including all applicable fees for such trade:

* These snapshots were all captured within 30 seconds of each comparable product between 15/09/23 and 16/09/23.

As you can see in the charts above, for a €20 trade, Instant Trade provides traders the best value compared to the trading platforms mentioned. While this is great for entry-level traders and those who like to dollar cost average, it is also good news for those trading larger volumes such as advanced retail or institutional traders.

On Binance, Coinbase and Kraken, traders would be paying at least 1.5% more than with One Trading, which means you need the asset to increase in value by at least 1.5% after you have bought it on order to be in the same position as you would have been if you had just purchased it on instant trade. 

Revolut was not included in the infographics above because it skewed the charts given the outlier in cost. For reference, the same trades assessed above were on average 7.3% more expensive on Revolut compared to Instant Trade, meaning you’re getting less of the asset that you are trying to acquire.

When looking at USDT markets*: 

* These snapshots were all captured within 30 seconds of each comparable product between 15/09/23 and 16/09/23

The values again show the purchase price of the assets including all applicable fees for such trade. Notably, One Trading’s Instant Trade product was marginally cheaper on USDT/SOL and USDT/DOGE relative to Binace, moreover, One Trading was over 2% cheaper than Coinbase on all the markets assessed. When increasing the trade size to larger levels from €50K onwards, the gaps between prices increase further. While regular brokers and other firms typically increase to around 2%+ more expensive than both One Trading and Binance who are both able to maintain by far the best rates and are neck and neck.

At the €100K level across the same trading pairs, Binance and One Trading have a 0.04% variance and One Trading is over 1% more competitive on price than Kraken. 

While these are not typical retail trade volumes, it’s interesting to know that neither Binance or Kraken could quote above $500K at the time we ran our comparison, but looking at the comparison with Coinbase, the difference increased further with an average of  2.6% difference at $500K across BTC, SOL, DOGE and EUR and 3% at $1M across the same assets. At a $1M level trading BTC that is a $20,300 difference. 


One trading has been shown to be more competitive on pricing than the platforms assessed on the markets above. If regulation is also a big concern for customers then One Trading is another good reason to trade here. Unlike Binance who also have competitive prices, we enable customers to on-ramp in EUR, GBP and CHF. 

One Trading is able to get the best prices for our customers because we plug into a number of the major liquidity providers powering the industry and who have access to deep liquidity. We price check and reference every trade before it goes through to make sure we are selecting the best price to trade. These are relationships we have built initially through our over the counter (OTC) trading business usually reserved for large institutional customers. We are now making all of those prices available for everyone to access through a simple UI instantly. 

It was also found that neither Binance nor Kraken offered ticket sizes larger than $100K on the market assessed with Binance only going up to $400K and Kraken to $100K, whereas Instant Trade can go up to €10M in one click (all at the time we ran the comparison). Moreover, Revolut only had USDC pairs, while Instant trade offers both USDC and USDT as stablecoin pairs on a number of different markets. 

As always, none of our coverage is financial advice and we highly encourage all readers and traders to use good judgement and caution regardless of where they trade.

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